STEM @ Home

We miss you! DSU’s STEM Outreach team of students and faculty miss seeing our young scientists and makers on campus and in schools, so we will be bringing our outreach home with videos, activities and contests. Let’s stay close while we stay safe.

STEM @ Home

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Gather your family and join our very own DSU faculty as they bring STEM projects home.

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Wash Those Hands!

Thank you to our Dixie Pre-Medical Alliance students for demonstrating the importance of using soap to wash your hands.

Show us your clean hands @dsustemoutreach #washyourhands

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Explore DNA

Our Dixie Pre-Medical Alliance students teach you how to extract DNA from strawberries and build a double helix model.

Show us your models @dsustemoutreach

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Try DNA Origami


Our Dixie Pre-Medical Alliance students show you how to make polymers with things you have at home!

Show us what you made @dsustemoutreach

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