Dixie CryptoCamp

What is it?

This camp is intended for students who are interested in math and computer science as well as making and breaking ciphers and codes. Students will learn the basics of classical and modern mathematical cryptography in a hands-on, applied setting. They will learn to write code to both set up and to break examples of both private-key and public-key cryptosystems. Students will also learn how recent exciting advances in quantum computing are expected to change the world of cryptography, and they will receive a brief introduction to the new and exciting world of post-quantum cryptography. Finally, they will learn about possible career paths for those interested in mathematical cryptography and information security.

How to participate?

Dixie CryptoCamp is for students entering 9th - 11th grade in the Fall of 2019.
DSU Snow Math & Science Center
June 21-22, 9AM - 1PM

Admission is by application. Click here to apply.


email stem.dixie.edu for more information.