Red Rock Math Circle (R² MC)

Red Rock Math Circle (R² MC)

What it is

Red Rock Math Circle, (R2 MC) at Dixie State University, in conjunction with more than 200 other active Math Circles across the country provides opportunities for students to enjoy math outside of their school curriculum.

This program is funded by MAA (Mathematical Association of America) Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grant Program.

What We Do

R2MC meets on DSU’s campus once a week throughout the school year from September to April.

Students will be engaged with mathematical problem solving, experience mathematics in deeper and broader views, read, talk and share mathematics in fun and challenge way and develop mathematical habits of thinking and interests.

Through the program, we will prepare the students for the Math Olympiad Contests. We will also invite campus, local and out of state speakers to present various math related topics to show how math is widely applied in different areas.

How to Participate

Program Admission Requirements:

  • 5th grade in 2018-2019 school year
  • Great aptitude for math
  • Be in good standing in all courses with teacher’s recommendation
  • Commitment to attend each meeting.  Two absences per semester are allowed before dismissal from the program.
  • Parental permission.  Parents are responsible for timely drop off and pick up.

Apply Today


Director: Dr. Jie Liu   435-652-7983

Codirector: Dr. Vinodh Chellamuthu  435-879-4256

Codirector: Dr. Clare Banks  435-652-7982