What We Do

SUCCESS ACADEMY: The mission of SUCCESS Academy, an Early College High School, is to empower, encourage, and engage ALL students in the pursuit of Academic Excellence and Citizenship. Early college high schools are designed to provide a rigorous academic setting that allows students to earn their Associate's degrees at the same time they earn their high school diplomas. SUCCESS Academy has two campuses: one at Southern Utah University and one at Dixie State University. SUCCESS Academy has a unique partnership with the Iron and Washington County School Districts which provides an early college experience without robbing students of a "normal" high school experience. Our partnerships allow students to attend SUCCESS Academy for half of their school day, where they enroll in both college prep and actual college courses. Students also attend their boundary school (the high school within the boundaries of the student's home address) for the other half of their school day, where they enroll in classes such as fine arts, applied technology, and physical education. This allows students to fully participate in sports, clubs, and extra-curricular opportunities with their boundary high school while challenging themselves academically by earning their Associate's degree through SUCCESS Academy.